The Morning Fuel Concoction To Help Your Body Rise, And Your Organs Shine In Health

By Charlene Lazewski


We’ve all heard it before, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But although we are all aware of this, most of us still grab a bagel or a breakfast bar on our way out the door every morning. It’s fast, easy, ideal for the “on the go” mode, that everyone is always on. But, soon you’ll learn, it may be worth setting your alarm clock a few minutes early each day, just so you’re able to mix this simple but very powerful concoction.

First off, what really makes breakfast the most important meal of the day? It’s a simple concept to understand. We go to sleep at night time for hours. We wake up, essentially after having our bodies fast for hours. So, of course whatever we throw into our empty stomachs, is going to make quite an impact on our organs, and how we feel throughout the day. Breakfast jumpstarts our bodies, and sets the tone for our organs and energy.

So, why would you want to jumpstart your body with a pop tart? An overly processed frosted pastry can’t possibly set a healthy tone for your body in the morning. Instead, not only can you jump start your body in the healthiest way possible, but you can also cleanse your organs so they can perform in an optimal manner. All you need to do so, is mix five ingredients…12 ounces of water (room temperature so it absorbs better), honey, 3 TBSP apple cider vinegar,  half a lemon and a dash cayenne pepper. The lemon helps to cleanse your body, break up any mucus or infections. The apple cider vinegar cleans out your lymph nodes, which promotes healthy white blood cells that keep your body healthy overall. And, the cayenne pepper burns fat by increasing your metabolism. By drinking this every day, you will basically give your body a reset full of health, energy, and weight loss. Accompany this concoction with a healthy breakfast, and you will feel phenomenal all day long. No need for mid-day coffee to energize you at work, no more mood swings, and no more inconsistencies with your weight. You’ll be performing at your best throughout your days, and so will your organs. Making this concoction a part of your daily routine, will polish your insides to pristine conditions. It certainly makes you think that maybe this is the drink they were talking about when they came up with the phrase, “it does a body good.”


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