Quality Writing

If I had to describe my writing in one word, it would be versatile. As a person, I love dabbling into anything that sparks my curiosity. And, that’s a LOT of different things, subject matters, etc. I am very open minded, so I enjoy learning about everything, and exploring the unexplored. This has allowed me to have the capability to create quality content on so many distinct subject matters/topics. I can write up share worthy fashion/beauty articles, just as well as inspiring parenting articles. I can also adapt myself to write in any tone/voice. Of course this all depends on the context the client wishes to have within his/her publication.

Going Above And Beyond

Aside from writing, I also pride myself in the development of effective marketing and social media tactics. Over the years, working with such a diverse group of clients, I have come to know what strategies work best for different niches and audiences. I believe in the power of full on creativity when it comes to marketing strategies, as it sets your company, website, magazine, etc at the highest bar of exclusivity.

My Work Ethic

When it comes to my work ethic, nothing is more important to me than honesty, and communication. I always make it a priority to keep clients well communicated, through every single project. I seek clients who are just as keen as I am when it comes to honesty and communication. This sets a tone of respectability between both parties, which will continuously lead towards successful projects.

On a more personal note…

I was born in Miami Beach, Florida, and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a woman, who is always walking with her head up, looking ahead for a new and exciting challenge consistently. In 2006, I followed my heart and moved to be close to my college sweetheart. We married in 2009, and have two fun loving boys.

I have worked for one of the world’s largest publishing companies, done PR work for highly acclaimed organizations, but always came back to my passion of Freelance Writing. I thrive on letting my mind run wild on paper, (or on a blank doc on my laptop 🙂 ). When I write, I write with one main goal in mind….to inspire. Nothing gives me greater gratification than hearing my readers tell me that I inspired them, triggered an epiphany, or motivated them in some way. That is my mark on people’s lives, and there’s nothing that makes me prouder or grateful.