I am a dreamer. And, that is the secret ingredient within me that has given me the ability to inspire, motivate, and awaken through my writing. You see, having this “dreamer” personality, always has me wondering and analyzing more than what a person with a different type of personality, would. My mind is basically on the “the impossible is not always impossible setting.” Hence, a very creative mind to imagine it all.

I was born in Miami Beach, Florida, and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a woman, who is always walking with her head up, looking ahead for a new and exciting challenge consistently. In 2006, I followed my heart and moved to be close to my college sweetheart. We married in 2009, and have two fun loving boys.

I have worked for one of the world’s largest publishing companies, done PR work for highly acclaimed organizations, but always came back to my passion of Freelance Writing. I thrive on letting my mind run wild on paper, (or on a blank doc on my laptop 🙂 ). When I write, I write with one main goal in mind….to inspire. Nothing gives me greater gratification than hearing my readers tell me that I inspired them, triggered an epiphany, or motivated them in some way. That is my mark on people’s lives, and there’s nothing that makes me prouder or grateful.