The Breastfeeding Feeding PRESSURE Is Real

Fashion Designer, former Hills Star, and new mommy, Whitney Port has been documenting her pregnancy from the very beginning. You can catch the series on Youtube, titled “I Love My Baby But…” . In her latest documentation, she talks breastfeeding, and the difficulty of it, and the pressures and judgements she receives from other moms. She wants to breastfeed for the baby’s benefit, but there have been latching problems, and extreme pain. At one point she says it feels like someone is taking shards of glass to her nipples. You can tell she is breaking from this mentally, emotionally, and it’s just heartbreaking to watch.

I’ve been in the same exact boat she has, and it sucks. Here’s what I have to say about breastfeeding….

I applaud every single mom who can breastfeed easily. It’s the best thing for baby, no doubt. BUT, it doesn’t come easy for some moms and babies. As long as you tried, it’s OK. There are always other options like pumping and occasional supplementing with formula. The MOST important thing is that you try, and seek assistance from professionals. If all that doesn’t work, whether it be latch issues or extreme pain, it’s FINE. The “Good Mom” thing to do, is to be happy while feeding baby (breast, pump, formula). And, that baby is also happy while getting fed. THAT is the REAL bonding experience. So, don’t let other moms say that only breastfeeding will give you that “bonding experience” with your baby. Bonding with baby is the connection between mother and child BOTH being in comfort, happiness, and pure bliss together at the same time. However you both get to that “bond”, is your business, and NO ONE should judge you for it.

So, take some time, and watch this video. All Whitney wants is to be a good mom, and do the best for both her and her baby boy.


The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

By Charlene Lazewski

The Yoga lifestyle is all about healthy foods, positive spirituality, and being eco-friendly with all we do and use. So, the last thing you want to think about when you’re on your yoga mat, is how many chemicals they used to make it. Not only is it contradicting to be doing an exercise associated with the Green lifestyle on a chemical filled mat, but it can eventually cause skin irritations, or other illnesses. Fortunately, many yoga mat companies are now making mats without a lot of chemicals, and switching to all-natural rubber and jute instead.

These eco-friendly mats are all great quality, so it won’t hinder your yoga performance at all. It will just let you do yoga, all while being gentler to Mother Earth. Here are the top 5, you can choose from…

1. Manduka eKO Lite Mat

This mat is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber. It has superb grip, perfect for your sweatiest yoga sessions. It has a rippled surface texture, which acts like the ridges of your hands to prevent slipping and sliding. Find out more about Manduka’s eKO Lite Mat.

2. Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mat

This mat is ranked as one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats (said so, by the New York Times). Barefoot Yoga’s Eco Mat mixes all natural rubber with jute fiber (a vegetable-based fiber). Jute creates a bit of a different feeling on your hands than traditional rubber mates. But, the no-slip properties still remain. The rubber portion of this mat allows for comfort and support that’s missing from an all-jute mat. Find out more about Barefoot Yoga’s Original Eco Yoga Mat.

3. Jade Teal Mat
All Jade yoga mats are made from all-natural rubber, and without PVC. But, it gets better. For every Jade Teal Mat they sell, they donate $5 to ovarian cancer research, early detection, improved treatment and public education of the disease. They also plant a tree for every one of their mats sold through their partnership with Trees for The Future. Find out more about Jade’s Teal Mat.

4. Prana E.C.O. Yoga Mat
The E.C.O. mat, which stands for “Earth Conscious Offering,” is a result of Prana’s toxin-free manufacturing process and doesn’t contain PVC, chloride or latex. As a result, the mat is recyclable. The underside of the mat stays put on smooth, hard surfaces, while the top offers a no-slip grip and won’t allow germs from your sweat to absorb into the mat. Find out more about Prana’s E.C.O. Yoga Mat.

5. Bold Yoga Mats Origami Crane

Bold Yoga Mats are made in Boulder, Colorado. The mats they produce are nontoxic, eco-friendly, latex-, phthalate-, and heavy-metal-free. The company also has a Renew and Recycle program, which collects gently used mats from consumers, refurbishes them and donates them to jails, detention centers, shelters and schools. The fun doesn’t end there….if you donate your old mat  you’ll receive a $5 coupon for your next purchase. Find out more about Bold Yoga Mats.

The Morning Fuel Concoction To Help Your Body Rise, And Your Organs Shine In Health

By Charlene Lazewski


We’ve all heard it before, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But although we are all aware of this, most of us still grab a bagel or a breakfast bar on our way out the door every morning. It’s fast, easy, ideal for the “on the go” mode, that everyone is always on. But, soon you’ll learn, it may be worth setting your alarm clock a few minutes early each day, just so you’re able to mix this simple but very powerful concoction.

First off, what really makes breakfast the most important meal of the day? It’s a simple concept to understand. We go to sleep at night time for hours. We wake up, essentially after having our bodies fast for hours. So, of course whatever we throw into our empty stomachs, is going to make quite an impact on our organs, and how we feel throughout the day. Breakfast jumpstarts our bodies, and sets the tone for our organs and energy.

So, why would you want to jumpstart your body with a pop tart? An overly processed frosted pastry can’t possibly set a healthy tone for your body in the morning. Instead, not only can you jump start your body in the healthiest way possible, but you can also cleanse your organs so they can perform in an optimal manner. All you need to do so, is mix five ingredients…12 ounces of water (room temperature so it absorbs better), honey, 3 TBSP apple cider vinegar,  half a lemon and a dash cayenne pepper. The lemon helps to cleanse your body, break up any mucus or infections. The apple cider vinegar cleans out your lymph nodes, which promotes healthy white blood cells that keep your body healthy overall. And, the cayenne pepper burns fat by increasing your metabolism. By drinking this every day, you will basically give your body a reset full of health, energy, and weight loss. Accompany this concoction with a healthy breakfast, and you will feel phenomenal all day long. No need for mid-day coffee to energize you at work, no more mood swings, and no more inconsistencies with your weight. You’ll be performing at your best throughout your days, and so will your organs. Making this concoction a part of your daily routine, will polish your insides to pristine conditions. It certainly makes you think that maybe this is the drink they were talking about when they came up with the phrase, “it does a body good.”

Nutritional Cleansing…True Skinny or Fake Skinny?

By Charlene Lazewski


Lately I have been hearing a lot of people get into this whole “Nutritional Cleansing” programs. From the pictures I have seen, I definitely have seen great results. But, are these nutritional cleansing products truly healthy for you, and is it the best option to get that hot summer bod?

Some well known nutritional cleansing products are Herbalife and Isagenix. When you begin the program, you can only eat and drink their products. These products are enriched with vitamins and antioxidants which flush fats out of your body on average…just 30 days. But, if all you’re eating is chemically created bars and shakes….how is that beneficial in the long run? I’m sure eating a healthy apple as a snack vs. a “fruit bar” that did not grow off a tree is way better and healthier. Sure, eating a nutritious and healthy diet takes longer to see weight loss results, but I feel it’s a better option for my health overall. Anything that is not grown, and packaged obviously has been altered with un-natural components, so ok… lose weight….but what will your long term health be like after ridding your body of actual food? I would love to hear what you all think? Have you ever tried these nutritional cleansing products? What have your results been? Have you gained the weight back on after stopping the program?

Killing You Softly: The truth behind those vitamins you’re taking…


I have been taking food-based vitamins for several years now. I used to to take One-A-Day women, but they made me feel lethargic, sometimes even nauseous. I thought it was just because I was in college, and I was juggling full time school work, plus a job. I decided to make a trip to Whole Foods, and purchase food based vitamins instead. I began taking them, and I started feeling energetic, motivated, lightweight, just felt great overall! I did some digging, and the truth is those major branded vitamins that many people take, are really not helping you.

There are many additives in synthetic vitamins, such as Centrum, One-A-Day, Equate etc. Some of the additives include: talc, dyes, sodium benzoate, methylcellulose, carnauba wax, silicon and/or titanium dioxide.

In the mid-1930s, multivitamins became available in grocery stores and pharmacies. These supplements were made from natural, dried and compressed vegetable and fruit concentrates, but then, in the early 1940s, certain brands began producing synthetic tablets, and that’s when the mayhem began.

Now, millions of Americans and people all over the world want to eat right and take the right vitamins to help them live a long, healthy life and be energetic all the while, but the majority of these innocent, naive, and nutritionally uneducated beings have NO CLUE that the big “brand name” vitamins on the shelves of most grocery and drug stores are synthetic toxins which not only DO NOT foster good health, but are mutagenic and carcinogenic. This means they are basically poison for the body, fueling disease and disorders, including arthritis, osteoporosis, brittle bones, cancer, and yes, Alzheimer’s disease.

Many multivitamins, especially the chewable ones, contain Aspartame, one of the leading causes of Fibromyalgia and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

If your vitamins come in the form of gelatin capsules, you are more than likely consuming the skin, cartilage, connective tissues and bones of diseased animals. On top of that, if your vitamins contain the artificial sweeteners Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose or Sorbitol, you could be developing artificial sweetener disease (cancer) and mutating your cells, your DNA, and passing that mutagenic DNA along to future generations.

Routinely contained in nearly all NON-ORGANIC vitamins are genetically engineered ingredients, pesticides, and animal drug residues, pathogens, feces, hormone-disrupting chemicals, toxic sludge, slaughterhouse waste, chemical additives, preservatives, and chemical by-products.

Make the switch if you are currently taking one of these big name vitamins. The food based vitamins I take, are made mainly from green veggies, grains, and some fruits. You can find them at Whole Foods. These are them:


When I was pregnant, I also took food based vitamins. The doctors always asked if I wanted a prescription for their (synthetic) pre-natal vitamins, but I always refused. I stayed faithful to my organic food based prenatal vitamins, and the result thank God was a very healthy baby.And they never once made me feel nauseous like many prenatal vitamins do. If you are trying to have a baby, go out and get these:


I am in no way sponsoring any of the named brands in this entry. I am simply informing from my own personal experiences.