Style Me: Romance Is In The Air

By Charlene Lazewski


Is your fashion style “romantic”? Not sure? Let us help you determine if that is your style personality. Do you like soft textured fabrics? Do you like to express your girly-ness through your clothing/accessories? Do you feel incomplete if you don’t accompany your outfit with some pretty makeup? Do you enjoy dramatic/flowing silhouettes? Are you a fan of neutrals and/or nudes? Are pearls and statement necklaces the perfect finishing touch to an outfit? Did you answer ‘yes’ to all of these? Okay, well then you are true romantic! Your style personality is 100% romantic.

Having a romantic style is good because as beautiful as it is, it’s timeless. If you go through fashion magazines from decades ago, and look at any designer that specializes in this style, you will notice that even through time, the designs have not changed. Why? Because a romantic sense of fashion is all about textures, and more importantly silhouettes. It celebrates soft, lacy, and silky textures, and flowing/light silhouettes.

In order to achieve the perfect romantic outfit, you should consider a few things:

Most of your colors for this style, will be nudes and neutrals. BUT, that  doesn’t mean that darker colors can’t be romantic. If you want to do darker colors, it becomes all about the silhouette. If it’s light colors you are working with, it’s all about the textures. Lastly, there is something you have to be careful about when putting this style into practice. Don’t over-do it. Being that one of the main characteristics in this style are textures and silhouettes, you want to make sure you don’t do too much of one thing. For example, the lace – it’s beautiful, but one lace item is enough. Perhaps a lace top with dress shorts, and nude heels. But, if we were to do a lace blouse, with lace shorts, and textured fabric heels….just too much. When it comes to silhouettes, same thing. Just one item should have a silhouette. Take Taylor Swift’s black and white look below, for example. Her skirt has a dramatic silhouette, but she keeps the look tamed and balanced with a fitted top. Follow those  rules, and you’ll be romancing the town with your wardrobe :) Let us help you with some visuals….

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Romantic Style

romantic-style-002From left to right: 1st Pic – Texture – lace / 2nd Pic – All about that silhouette / 3rd – Combination of texture with the top, and flow-y skirt

romantic-style-003From left to right: 1st Pic – Nudes are perfectly romantic/ 2nd pic – dark color, with a flow-y silhouette / 3rd – Combination of nude and flow-y silhouette

romantic-style-004From left to right: 1st pic-neutrals always do the trick / 2nd pic- dark color all about that silhouette / 3rd pic – flow-y nude blouse with nude shorts and shoes

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She’s A Lady: The Essence of An Elegant Style

By Charlene Lazewski


An elegant style personality is one that not only is sophisticated on the outside, but the person wearing it, is also sophisticated. A person who identifies themselves with this style is confident, cultured, well-spoken, is highly organized, and treats each clothing piece / accessory item as if they were part of a museum. Each piece worn is special individually, and when putting an outfit together it’s as if curating an art gallery display, or a museum display. If you have an open budget, luxury brands are your fave! But, that doesn’t mean that someone who has a smaller budget can’t be elegant. For the most part, colors for this style are kept toned down (black, red, grey, white). But, if worn right together, bold colors are acceptable too.

Some people may confuse this style with a classic style. There is a thin line between the two. The difference between the two styles, is that elegant is a bit more daring. Classic style incorporates very basic fabrics, silhouettes, etc. Where as elegant is classic, but with more of a “sass” if you will. Hence, the selection of items you can choose from, to achieve this style is a lot broader.

Another misconception about this style, is that you have to dress fancy. Not true. You can be as casual as you want with it, or as dressed up as you want with it. For example, if you want an elegant daytime look, throw on your favorite jeans, a tank, and layer it with a blazer of any color, and perhaps a scarf. Done. It’s as easy as that.

You have an elegant style if:

  • Your favorite color to dress in is black, no matter what season it is.
  • You prefer more polished or “neat” looking shoes
  • You want to appear admirable to people, versus approachable
  • You like classic looks, but like to mix it with a hint of sexy too
  • Your go-to nail polish colors are either red or burgundy
  • One of your most popular style icons are Coco Chanel, and Michael Kors
  • You love outerwear…your favorite item to wear is a blazer
  • You enjoy layering, i.e. scarves, jackets, vests, blazers

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Elegant Style


From left to right: 1st Look – a polished look – collar shirt never fails for this style. Paired with linen palazzo pants. 2nd Look – Inspired by the queen of elegance, Audrey Hepburn. Soft tones on the bottom, paired with polished elegance on top. 3rd Look: Colorful, and a bit more of a casual look – but still elegant and sophisticated.


From left to right: 1st Look – Perfect example of how classic meshes in with elegant. 2nd Look – Perfect example of how an elegant style can also be playful. 3rd Look – Another great example of classic and elegant joined together.


From left to right: 1st Look – Perfect and most popular accessory for an elegant style – scarf! 2nd Look – The blazer accents the entire look. A simple dress, enhanced by the elegance of a blazer. 3rd Look – A more toned down elegant look. Simple, yet sophisticated.

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Drama Queens Unite: The Style For The Fabulous

By Charlene Lazewski


If your style personality is dramatic, you are one fab diva. And, we mean that in the best way possible! When you have this style, your self confidence oozes out of you, spreading a sense of authority with the way you dress. You dress like this because you like it, and really don’t care what anyone has to say about it. Making bold statements with everything you choose in your outfit is a must. From fabrics, to your hair, nails, shoes, makeup, jewelry….it all has to cause jaws to drop, and eyes to wonder about you (also, in a good way).

Sometimes, people confuse this style personality, and portray it to simply be about anything sexy or sultry. But, that isn’t the case. It’s about taking any style, and express it to the fullest degree. Which means, this style is very heavy in details. It’s definitely not about just throwing on a tank top and a pair of jeans. For example, if you like to dress with a bohemian style, go all out with it. Professional stylist, Rachel Zoe is a great example of this. Her style is Boho/Chic, but at the same time, her style personality could be categorized under dramatic. Why? Because, she maximizes the boho/chic look with so many details…..taking her look to a whole other level. If there were a scale of dressing boho (1 being the lowest, and 10 highest), Rachel makes sure to always be a 10 with everything she wears. Each outfit she composes is a project…an artistic piece. See for yourself:


Notice how every single accessory she has on supports her dress, builds her look, and in the end helps her entire outfit flow. She took her boho look to the top by doing this. A dramatic effect.

Still not sure if you have a dramatic style personality? If you do, you…

  • You enjoy a good makeup session on a daily basis
  • Looking “fabulous” is your most important goal every day
  • You hope to inspire people around you with your outfits
  • You hope to freeze a room when you walk down the street, or into a room….all eyes on you.
  • When it comes to selecting an outfit, it’s all or nothing.
  • You’re always on the lookout for new and undiscovered trends
  • You enjoy starting fashion trends/looks

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Dramatic Style


From left to right: 1st Look – Had she not paired with “dramatic” stiletto boots, the outfit would have worked. But, she not only made it work, she worked it! 2nd Look – A Hollywood Goddess look with a dramatic silky fabric. 3rd Look – The outfit itself may not be too dramatic, but she turned it up a lot of notches with her dramatic and bold makes and accessories.


Oh Dita, we think her looks speak for themselves….


Rachel Zoe takes all her looks to such a refined level. And she does so with a keen attention to detail for accessories, silhouettes, and textures. A dramatic, and perfect approach to all her outfits.

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Creative Style: Personality, Independence, No Worries

By Charlene Lazewski


Having a creative style personality is all about confidence, choosing clothing more about the way it makes you feel, than the way it makes you look, and you are most attracted to unconventional fashion items. Patterns of all kinds are your weakness, and so are all the colors in the spectrum. It takes creativity, and more importantly, a high level of self confidence to achieve these looks. Although this look incorporates a lot of mix matching, the way you wear it and carry it, looks balanced and flowing.

If you keep people wondering, and trying to guess what your next outfit will be, then you fit this style. They will never guess right. And, that’s the whole point. You are very independent, and represent that independence with your wardrobe.

So, to re-cap, these are the main things to remember when achieving a creative style:

  • Patterns of all kinds are key
  • Colors are vital, it’s all about brights and vibrancy
  • mixing textures, colors, patterns is encouraged
  • silhouettes don’t matter – fitted with loose, loose with loose, etc, it’s all fine
  • If you feel good, wear it…who cares if it matches
  • Opposites attract

You have a creative style personality if:

  • You love colors of all kinds
  • You love making a statement with your outfits
  • You could care less what people think of your wardrobe
  • You enjoy expressing your current state/mood through your clothes and accessories
  • Meshing patterns and silhouettes is a norm for you.

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Creative Style


From left to right: 1st Look– A dress with an unconventional silhouette, and a plethora of colors. 2nd Look – Business on the top, party on the bottom. Total opposites, but she made them work. 3rd Look – A boring sweater meets with a girly and vibrant skirt, and they become best friends.


From left to right: 1st Look – Intense florals with a variety of textures and silhouettes. 2nd Look – Fun colored and patterned pants, with a fun and flirty hair do. 3rd Look – Spring skirt, meets with goth top.


From left to right: 1st Look – Unconventional patterned pants. 2nd Look – Abstract colors, opposite colors paired together. 3rd Look – Unconventional pants paired with opposite patterned shoes.

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Keep It Classy: The Style of the Neat and Tidy

By Charlene Lazewski


A classic fashion style is one that never changes with time. It truly is time proof. It’s all about having the right staple pieces for each category (tops, pants, handbags, etc). One item that fits into the classic fashion style is the almighty trench coat. For as long as trench coats have been in existence, they A.) Never change in appearance, and B.) Never go out of style. They are timeless, and most importantly, a classical staple piece for any wardrobe.

The classical style is mainly known for its simplicity. There’s no embellishments in the clothing, accessories are kept minimalistic, and jewelry is kept small and subtle. For the most part, the color choices for this style are not many: Black, White, Red, Navy, Creams/Khaki. Some may say this style is boring, but that is not true. What it is, is tasteful. Although simple and sleek in style, it is chic, elegant, and many times, even regal.

So, how do you know if you have a classic style personality?

  • You obey the motto, “less is more” when dressing yourself.
  • You’re not crazy about bold and daring colors
  • When you shop, you go for basic and timeless pieces
  • Kate Middleton is your style icon
  • You prefer high necklines over low and revealing
  • You like your pants, blouses, and dresses to be tailored
  • Your favorite outerwear item is a blazer

Celeb Inspiration


From left to right: 1st Look – women’s clothing simulating men’s clothing is a big characteristic of the classic style. 2nd Look – A regal and elegant representation of this style. 3rd Look – Classic can be sexy too. To achieve this look choose silky fabrics, and pair it with black.


From left to right: 1st Look – button downs with twill pants will always be best friends for this style. 2nd Look– Blazers with tailored jeans will always be the best option for a casual classical look. 3rd Look – Pencil Skirts with a fitted and higher neckline = the perfect classical combo.


From left to right: 1st Look – Blazer, jeans, with a button down shirt. 2nd Look – Scarves will always be the best go-to accessory to highlight your classical look. 3rd Look – Simplicity and elegance at its best. Sleek and tailored silhouette.

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Au Naturale: The Lighter Side Of Fashion

By Charlene Lazewski


A natural style is one that is easy, comfortable, and relaxed. There’s zero drama about it. If you fit this style, you consider yourself as calm, easy going, basically the girl next door. Even when dressing up, you go for simple silhouettes, and smaller/lighter accessories. That’s the whole goal with a natural style…to keep it light. Nothing is overdone. Everything you wear is subtle, yet tasteful. Earth tones are your go-to colors for this style. You can add some other colors into it, but they can’t be bold. So for example, a taupe tank with soft coral pants, would still be considered natural style.

At times, this style can cross over with a classic style. The way to differentiate is for example, to wear a collared shirt, paired with jeans.The fact that you downplayed the look with jeans, tones it down, and keeps it under the natural style.

Overall, this is a very “earthy” style. You can be as glamorous as you want with it, or as casual as you want. The one rule to follow is to stay light, simple, toned down in colors, relaxed, and never over done.

So, still trying to determine if you fit this style?

  • You like earth tones
  • You’re more about comfort than appearance
  • You enjoy being practical when putting an outfit together
  • You enjoy being outdoors
  • You like to do “barely there” styled makeup
  • You enjoy having a tousled look to your hair
  • Khakis, denim, and white tees are some of your top quick picks from your closet
  • Your personality overall is laid back, relaxed, but still likes to have fun….just not crazy fun 🙂

Celeb Inspiration


Denim with light tones and neutrals. Color meshed with a neutral.


Jennifer loves her casual looks, but she makes them look so comfortable yet fabulous!


Kate shows us how you can dress this style up, or dress it down.

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She’s Bringing Sexy Back: Alluring Fashion Style

By Charlene Lazewskialluring-style-char

Let’s put it to you this way…if your style personality is alluring, you know it! Why? Because, this style is all about sexiness. And when a woman portrays her sexiness in her wardrobe, it’s because she knows that she looks good! A woman with an alluring style personality is confident about her body, comfortable with her body, and proud of her body.

The clothing she would choose, is clothes that shows off her assets. They know, they have nothing to hide. But, if you’re not totally sure if this is the style for you, just ask yourself a few questions:

Do you like to flaunt your curves?
Do you like to flaunt what you have worked so hard at the gym for?
Are you both girly-girl, and sexy?
Are you a flirt?
Are you sassy with your significant other?
Are you daring?
Do you enjoy attention?
You are totally secure about yourself. No self esteem issues at all.
You are obsessed with hot heels….every shape, color, style, you name it!
Ding, Ding, Ding! Yes to all? You have an alluring style personality!

Some examples of clothing choices for this style are:

Low cut tops
Mini skirts
Bodycon dresses
tight/fitted pants
Animal prints
Above the knee hemlines
Open cut shirts/dresses
One important characteristic of the alluring style is that it’s heavily reinforced by accessories. So, if you’re all about sexy shoes, long dangly earrings, and blingin’ necklaces…you most definitely fit into this style personality. Take for instance this outfit actress/singer Naya Rivera is wearing. It’s a simple black (always a popular/sexy color choice for an alluring style personality), low cut romper. She threw on a dramatic gold chain belt, and paired it with some sexy black heels. These items reinforced her style personality. Had she not worn the belt, and paired the romper with some flats, her look would not have been completely fitting into the alluring category. Shoes are probably the most important accessory when achieving this style. So, choose sexy, and choose wisely 🙂


Colors for this style are also important. Black is probably the most popular choice. Black is always sexy….day or night. But, overall bold and daring colors are your go-to’s.

The one thing about having an alluring style is that you have to be careful where you wear it to, or how you wear it to certain events/locations. As previously stated, this is a sexy style personality. And, well….sexy doesn’t belong everywhere. For example, this perhaps is not a style you would wear to a funeral. Or, a job interview. Of course, there are ways to dress slightly sexy, but covering up more would be ideal for these kinds of situations. You would then move into more of a classic style personality.

Now, let’s get to some visuals to demonstrate the allure style personality. Here are some celebrities that have this sexy style.

Celeb Inspiration


From left to right: 1st Look – Black, fitted gown, with sexy cutouts. This is a great example showing that you don’t always have to show a lot in order to be sexy. Leaving it to the imagination is okay too 🙂 2nd Look – Simple Dress, short dress, sexiness reinforced with the bling details on the straps. 3rd Look – Again, not showing too much, but still alluring and sexy.


From left to right: 1st Look – Tight pants, sheer blouse (sheer is always sexy), plus the low cut in the blouse. 2nd Look – Tight white dress with low cut. 3rd Look – Perfect example showing how important shoes are with this style. Had Kim worn a low heel sandal, it would have changed the outfit completely, placing her style into a different category.


From left to right: 1st Look – Proves that white can be sexy too. Plunging neckline and sexiness reinforced with a blingin’ necklace. 2nd Look – White, fitted, accented bust. 3rd Look: Tight everything, reinforced with sexy shoes.

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