10 Wedding Etiquettes You Should Break

By Charlene Lazewski

1. Brides Must Wear White On Their Wedding Day
With so many beautiful fabric, texture, and color options in dresses today, wearing a white gown on your wedding day is a tradition that can be cancelled out. In fact, before Queen Victoria of England, brides wore whatever color dress they wanted on their wedding day. Queen Victoria simply decided white would be her color of choice for her wedding gown, and for some reason, everyone followed after. So, really there isn’t, nor ever was a rule for a wedding gown having to be white. Pick YOUR color. Whatever color suits your skin tones/ hair color best.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.27.29 PM

2. You Must Invite Out-of-town guests to your rehearsal dinner
This is like the “political correct” of the wedding world. It used to be that for your rehearsal dinner, you only invite your wedding party. But, now it has become the norm to also invite any out-of-town guests coming to your wedding. So, basically what used to be a “rehearsal dinner” is now a second wedding. Which means, M-O-N-E-Y. Like, you haven’t spent enough already, right? Instead of breaking the bank, keep your rehearsal dinner intimate, just for the wedding party. And, for your out-of-town guests, instead provide them with a well curated list of restaurants in the area they can go to. That way, you are still going out of your way to set them up with a little perk for traveling for your wedding, and you don’t go under the A-hole slot for not inviting them to the rehearsal dinner : ) Another option is to plan a little cocktail party after your rehearsal dinner, where you invite your out-of-town wedding guests. It’s fun, more low key, and best of all, a lot less money than having them at your rehearsal dinner!

3. You Must Invite Everyone With A Guest
You know how they say that the real work in wedding planning is the guest list? Well, that’s because it’s the most annoying task. Why? Because, it’s where you will either make family and friends love you for the rest of their lives or hate you. You will basically make or break relationships depending on who you include or leave out on the list. But, when the guest list grows, so does your wedding bill. And, let’s face it…. you can’t make everyone happy. It’s impossible. Always remember while creating a wedding guest list, this is YOUR day. Not your co-worker’s girlfriend’s day, or your boss’s daughter’s day. If people get offended that you haven’t invited their girlfriend or boyfriend of a month, so be it. Move on, and enjoy YOUR wedding day!

4. Your Registry Should Only Include Houseware Items
It’s your wedding day. You deserve whatever your little heart desires as gifts. It used to be the norm to register for all houseware items for you wedding registry. But, now people are registering for basically anything and everything. You can register for a honeymoon, sporting equipments, hobby supplies, the list goes on. Especially, in an age where many couples live together before marriage, they end up having a lot of household essentials already. So, why register for more household items. Break the norm, and register for what you really need/want.

5. The Bride’s Dress Should Be Long
With all that dieting and exercise you do to get ready for your big day, why shouldn’t you show off your nice legs?! Makes no sense to wear a long dress, right? Show those legs off in a short wedding dress instead. No need to workout, and then not show it off, right?

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.27.41 PM

6. You Should See Your Bride/Groom For The First Time On Your Wedding Day, At Ceremony
They say that if you see your groom before the ceremony on the day of the wedding, it brings on bad luck. But, does it really? More couples today are leaving the superstition behind them, and seeing one another before their ceremonies begin. Instead of catching the first glimpse of your bride or groom, in front of all your wedding guests, you can have this highly emotional moment in private. Photographers and videographers are more than happy to capture this special moment, so you can treasure it always.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.27.51 PM

7. Seating At Your Wedding Should Be Divided By Groom And Bride Sides
Here’s why the whole “Bride side” and “Groom side” seating plan at a wedding ceremony, is pointless. The bride’s family might be huge, and the groom’s family may be small. So, what bride wants to walk in with a nice full side, and a sad empty side. Kinda depressing, right? But, if you let your guests sit wherever their little hearts desire, you’ll have nice full, and even sides to walk into. That sounds nicer, right? So, instead of having a designated bride and groom side at your ceremony, just let guests sit freely. Easier for you, easier for them. Sounds good!

8. You Must Walk Down The Aisle
Do you think that all brides must walk down the aisle? Most would answer ‘yes’ to that question. But, the truth is, you can just skip that long (sometimes even awkward) walk, and just meet up with your groom. Faster, and more simple…which means a win/win.

9.You Have To Leave For Your Honeymoon Right After Your Reception
This one is very old school. It was once the norm for married couples to leave for their honeymoons right after their reception. Anyone that has already gone through a wedding day, can tell you how exhausting THAT is alone. Imagine also having to travel after a super tiring and hectic day. Plus, having the thought in your head that you still have to travel after the wedding is done, can prevent you from truly taking your special day fully in. So, no doubt the best thing you can do is take your honeymoon a few days, weeks, even months after your wedding. You’ll be more relaxed, and able to really enjoy your romantic vacation with your new husband or wife.

10. The Bridal Party Must All Match
The majority of brides have their bridesmaids match in regards to dresses. Many grooms also have their groomsmen’s suits match. But, a trend has recently started where bridal parties don’t necessarily match exactly. Instead, brides and/grooms select a certain color or pattern, and then allow each bridesmaid and groomsmen to wear any dress/suit that fits into that scheme. And, in all honesty, it looks even more beautiful in pictures and in person to have everyone in different attire. It’s also a breath of fresh air for your bridal party, because not everyone can fit or look right into only one style dress or suit. We’re all fabulous, but we all come in different shapes, and sizes 🙂

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