Style Me: Romance Is In The Air

By Charlene Lazewski


Is your fashion style “romantic”? Not sure? Let us help you determine if that is your style personality. Do you like soft textured fabrics? Do you like to express your girly-ness through your clothing/accessories? Do you feel incomplete if you don’t accompany your outfit with some pretty makeup? Do you enjoy dramatic/flowing silhouettes? Are you a fan of neutrals and/or nudes? Are pearls and statement necklaces the perfect finishing touch to an outfit? Did you answer ‘yes’ to all of these? Okay, well then you are true romantic! Your style personality is 100% romantic.

Having a romantic style is good because as beautiful as it is, it’s timeless. If you go through fashion magazines from decades ago, and look at any designer that specializes in this style, you will notice that even through time, the designs have not changed. Why? Because a romantic sense of fashion is all about textures, and more importantly silhouettes. It celebrates soft, lacy, and silky textures, and flowing/light silhouettes.

In order to achieve the perfect romantic outfit, you should consider a few things:

Most of your colors for this style, will be nudes and neutrals. BUT, that  doesn’t mean that darker colors can’t be romantic. If you want to do darker colors, it becomes all about the silhouette. If it’s light colors you are working with, it’s all about the textures. Lastly, there is something you have to be careful about when putting this style into practice. Don’t over-do it. Being that one of the main characteristics in this style are textures and silhouettes, you want to make sure you don’t do too much of one thing. For example, the lace – it’s beautiful, but one lace item is enough. Perhaps a lace top with dress shorts, and nude heels. But, if we were to do a lace blouse, with lace shorts, and textured fabric heels….just too much. When it comes to silhouettes, same thing. Just one item should have a silhouette. Take Taylor Swift’s black and white look below, for example. Her skirt has a dramatic silhouette, but she keeps the look tamed and balanced with a fitted top. Follow those  rules, and you’ll be romancing the town with your wardrobe :) Let us help you with some visuals….

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Romantic Style

romantic-style-002From left to right: 1st Pic – Texture – lace / 2nd Pic – All about that silhouette / 3rd – Combination of texture with the top, and flow-y skirt

romantic-style-003From left to right: 1st Pic – Nudes are perfectly romantic/ 2nd pic – dark color, with a flow-y silhouette / 3rd – Combination of nude and flow-y silhouette

romantic-style-004From left to right: 1st pic-neutrals always do the trick / 2nd pic- dark color all about that silhouette / 3rd pic – flow-y nude blouse with nude shorts and shoes

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