She’s A Lady: The Essence of An Elegant Style

By Charlene Lazewski


An elegant style personality is one that not only is sophisticated on the outside, but the person wearing it, is also sophisticated. A person who identifies themselves with this style is confident, cultured, well-spoken, is highly organized, and treats each clothing piece / accessory item as if they were part of a museum. Each piece worn is special individually, and when putting an outfit together it’s as if curating an art gallery display, or a museum display. If you have an open budget, luxury brands are your fave! But, that doesn’t mean that someone who has a smaller budget can’t be elegant. For the most part, colors for this style are kept toned down (black, red, grey, white). But, if worn right together, bold colors are acceptable too.

Some people may confuse this style with a classic style. There is a thin line between the two. The difference between the two styles, is that elegant is a bit more daring. Classic style incorporates very basic fabrics, silhouettes, etc. Where as elegant is classic, but with more of a “sass” if you will. Hence, the selection of items you can choose from, to achieve this style is a lot broader.

Another misconception about this style, is that you have to dress fancy. Not true. You can be as casual as you want with it, or as dressed up as you want with it. For example, if you want an elegant daytime look, throw on your favorite jeans, a tank, and layer it with a blazer of any color, and perhaps a scarf. Done. It’s as easy as that.

You have an elegant style if:

  • Your favorite color to dress in is black, no matter what season it is.
  • You prefer more polished or “neat” looking shoes
  • You want to appear admirable to people, versus approachable
  • You like classic looks, but like to mix it with a hint of sexy too
  • Your go-to nail polish colors are either red or burgundy
  • One of your most popular style icons are Coco Chanel, and Michael Kors
  • You love outerwear…your favorite item to wear is a blazer
  • You enjoy layering, i.e. scarves, jackets, vests, blazers

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Elegant Style


From left to right: 1st Look – a polished look – collar shirt never fails for this style. Paired with linen palazzo pants. 2nd Look – Inspired by the queen of elegance, Audrey Hepburn. Soft tones on the bottom, paired with polished elegance on top. 3rd Look: Colorful, and a bit more of a casual look – but still elegant and sophisticated.


From left to right: 1st Look – Perfect example of how classic meshes in with elegant. 2nd Look – Perfect example of how an elegant style can also be playful. 3rd Look – Another great example of classic and elegant joined together.


From left to right: 1st Look – Perfect and most popular accessory for an elegant style – scarf! 2nd Look – The blazer accents the entire look. A simple dress, enhanced by the elegance of a blazer. 3rd Look – A more toned down elegant look. Simple, yet sophisticated.

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