Drama Queens Unite: The Style For The Fabulous

By Charlene Lazewski


If your style personality is dramatic, you are one fab diva. And, we mean that in the best way possible! When you have this style, your self confidence oozes out of you, spreading a sense of authority with the way you dress. You dress like this because you like it, and really don’t care what anyone has to say about it. Making bold statements with everything you choose in your outfit is a must. From fabrics, to your hair, nails, shoes, makeup, jewelry….it all has to cause jaws to drop, and eyes to wonder about you (also, in a good way).

Sometimes, people confuse this style personality, and portray it to simply be about anything sexy or sultry. But, that isn’t the case. It’s about taking any style, and express it to the fullest degree. Which means, this style is very heavy in details. It’s definitely not about just throwing on a tank top and a pair of jeans. For example, if you like to dress with a bohemian style, go all out with it. Professional stylist, Rachel Zoe is a great example of this. Her style is Boho/Chic, but at the same time, her style personality could be categorized under dramatic. Why? Because, she maximizes the boho/chic look with so many details…..taking her look to a whole other level. If there were a scale of dressing boho (1 being the lowest, and 10 highest), Rachel makes sure to always be a 10 with everything she wears. Each outfit she composes is a project…an artistic piece. See for yourself:


Notice how every single accessory she has on supports her dress, builds her look, and in the end helps her entire outfit flow. She took her boho look to the top by doing this. A dramatic effect.

Still not sure if you have a dramatic style personality? If you do, you…

  • You enjoy a good makeup session on a daily basis
  • Looking “fabulous” is your most important goal every day
  • You hope to inspire people around you with your outfits
  • You hope to freeze a room when you walk down the street, or into a room….all eyes on you.
  • When it comes to selecting an outfit, it’s all or nothing.
  • You’re always on the lookout for new and undiscovered trends
  • You enjoy starting fashion trends/looks

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Dramatic Style


From left to right: 1st Look – Had she not paired with “dramatic” stiletto boots, the outfit would have worked. But, she not only made it work, she worked it! 2nd Look – A Hollywood Goddess look with a dramatic silky fabric. 3rd Look – The outfit itself may not be too dramatic, but she turned it up a lot of notches with her dramatic and bold makes and accessories.


Oh Dita, we think her looks speak for themselves….


Rachel Zoe takes all her looks to such a refined level. And she does so with a keen attention to detail for accessories, silhouettes, and textures. A dramatic, and perfect approach to all her outfits.

Article Written For Dressing Right

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