Creative Style: Personality, Independence, No Worries

By Charlene Lazewski


Having a creative style personality is all about confidence, choosing clothing more about the way it makes you feel, than the way it makes you look, and you are most attracted to unconventional fashion items. Patterns of all kinds are your weakness, and so are all the colors in the spectrum. It takes creativity, and more importantly, a high level of self confidence to achieve these looks. Although this look incorporates a lot of mix matching, the way you wear it and carry it, looks balanced and flowing.

If you keep people wondering, and trying to guess what your next outfit will be, then you fit this style. They will never guess right. And, that’s the whole point. You are very independent, and represent that independence with your wardrobe.

So, to re-cap, these are the main things to remember when achieving a creative style:

  • Patterns of all kinds are key
  • Colors are vital, it’s all about brights and vibrancy
  • mixing textures, colors, patterns is encouraged
  • silhouettes don’t matter – fitted with loose, loose with loose, etc, it’s all fine
  • If you feel good, wear it…who cares if it matches
  • Opposites attract

You have a creative style personality if:

  • You love colors of all kinds
  • You love making a statement with your outfits
  • You could care less what people think of your wardrobe
  • You enjoy expressing your current state/mood through your clothes and accessories
  • Meshing patterns and silhouettes is a norm for you.

Inspire Me: Celebrities With Creative Style


From left to right: 1st Look– A dress with an unconventional silhouette, and a plethora of colors. 2nd Look – Business on the top, party on the bottom. Total opposites, but she made them work. 3rd Look – A boring sweater meets with a girly and vibrant skirt, and they become best friends.


From left to right: 1st Look – Intense florals with a variety of textures and silhouettes. 2nd Look – Fun colored and patterned pants, with a fun and flirty hair do. 3rd Look – Spring skirt, meets with goth top.


From left to right: 1st Look – Unconventional patterned pants. 2nd Look – Abstract colors, opposite colors paired together. 3rd Look – Unconventional pants paired with opposite patterned shoes.

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