Keep It Classy: The Style of the Neat and Tidy

By Charlene Lazewski


A classic fashion style is one that never changes with time. It truly is time proof. It’s all about having the right staple pieces for each category (tops, pants, handbags, etc). One item that fits into the classic fashion style is the almighty trench coat. For as long as trench coats have been in existence, they A.) Never change in appearance, and B.) Never go out of style. They are timeless, and most importantly, a classical staple piece for any wardrobe.

The classical style is mainly known for its simplicity. There’s no embellishments in the clothing, accessories are kept minimalistic, and jewelry is kept small and subtle. For the most part, the color choices for this style are not many: Black, White, Red, Navy, Creams/Khaki. Some may say this style is boring, but that is not true. What it is, is tasteful. Although simple and sleek in style, it is chic, elegant, and many times, even regal.

So, how do you know if you have a classic style personality?

  • You obey the motto, “less is more” when dressing yourself.
  • You’re not crazy about bold and daring colors
  • When you shop, you go for basic and timeless pieces
  • Kate Middleton is your style icon
  • You prefer high necklines over low and revealing
  • You like your pants, blouses, and dresses to be tailored
  • Your favorite outerwear item is a blazer

Celeb Inspiration


From left to right: 1st Look – women’s clothing simulating men’s clothing is a big characteristic of the classic style. 2nd Look – A regal and elegant representation of this style. 3rd Look – Classic can be sexy too. To achieve this look choose silky fabrics, and pair it with black.


From left to right: 1st Look – button downs with twill pants will always be best friends for this style. 2nd Look– Blazers with tailored jeans will always be the best option for a casual classical look. 3rd Look – Pencil Skirts with a fitted and higher neckline = the perfect classical combo.


From left to right: 1st Look – Blazer, jeans, with a button down shirt. 2nd Look – Scarves will always be the best go-to accessory to highlight your classical look. 3rd Look – Simplicity and elegance at its best. Sleek and tailored silhouette.

Article Written For DressingRight

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