She’s Bringing Sexy Back: Alluring Fashion Style

By Charlene Lazewskialluring-style-char

Let’s put it to you this way…if your style personality is alluring, you know it! Why? Because, this style is all about sexiness. And when a woman portrays her sexiness in her wardrobe, it’s because she knows that she looks good! A woman with an alluring style personality is confident about her body, comfortable with her body, and proud of her body.

The clothing she would choose, is clothes that shows off her assets. They know, they have nothing to hide. But, if you’re not totally sure if this is the style for you, just ask yourself a few questions:

Do you like to flaunt your curves?
Do you like to flaunt what you have worked so hard at the gym for?
Are you both girly-girl, and sexy?
Are you a flirt?
Are you sassy with your significant other?
Are you daring?
Do you enjoy attention?
You are totally secure about yourself. No self esteem issues at all.
You are obsessed with hot heels….every shape, color, style, you name it!
Ding, Ding, Ding! Yes to all? You have an alluring style personality!

Some examples of clothing choices for this style are:

Low cut tops
Mini skirts
Bodycon dresses
tight/fitted pants
Animal prints
Above the knee hemlines
Open cut shirts/dresses
One important characteristic of the alluring style is that it’s heavily reinforced by accessories. So, if you’re all about sexy shoes, long dangly earrings, and blingin’ necklaces…you most definitely fit into this style personality. Take for instance this outfit actress/singer Naya Rivera is wearing. It’s a simple black (always a popular/sexy color choice for an alluring style personality), low cut romper. She threw on a dramatic gold chain belt, and paired it with some sexy black heels. These items reinforced her style personality. Had she not worn the belt, and paired the romper with some flats, her look would not have been completely fitting into the alluring category. Shoes are probably the most important accessory when achieving this style. So, choose sexy, and choose wisely 🙂


Colors for this style are also important. Black is probably the most popular choice. Black is always sexy….day or night. But, overall bold and daring colors are your go-to’s.

The one thing about having an alluring style is that you have to be careful where you wear it to, or how you wear it to certain events/locations. As previously stated, this is a sexy style personality. And, well….sexy doesn’t belong everywhere. For example, this perhaps is not a style you would wear to a funeral. Or, a job interview. Of course, there are ways to dress slightly sexy, but covering up more would be ideal for these kinds of situations. You would then move into more of a classic style personality.

Now, let’s get to some visuals to demonstrate the allure style personality. Here are some celebrities that have this sexy style.

Celeb Inspiration


From left to right: 1st Look – Black, fitted gown, with sexy cutouts. This is a great example showing that you don’t always have to show a lot in order to be sexy. Leaving it to the imagination is okay too 🙂 2nd Look – Simple Dress, short dress, sexiness reinforced with the bling details on the straps. 3rd Look – Again, not showing too much, but still alluring and sexy.


From left to right: 1st Look – Tight pants, sheer blouse (sheer is always sexy), plus the low cut in the blouse. 2nd Look – Tight white dress with low cut. 3rd Look – Perfect example showing how important shoes are with this style. Had Kim worn a low heel sandal, it would have changed the outfit completely, placing her style into a different category.


From left to right: 1st Look – Proves that white can be sexy too. Plunging neckline and sexiness reinforced with a blingin’ necklace. 2nd Look – White, fitted, accented bust. 3rd Look: Tight everything, reinforced with sexy shoes.

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