Au Naturale: The Lighter Side Of Fashion

By Charlene Lazewski


A natural style is one that is easy, comfortable, and relaxed. There’s zero drama about it. If you fit this style, you consider yourself as calm, easy going, basically the girl next door. Even when dressing up, you go for simple silhouettes, and smaller/lighter accessories. That’s the whole goal with a natural style…to keep it light. Nothing is overdone. Everything you wear is subtle, yet tasteful. Earth tones are your go-to colors for this style. You can add some other colors into it, but they can’t be bold. So for example, a taupe tank with soft coral pants, would still be considered natural style.

At times, this style can cross over with a classic style. The way to differentiate is for example, to wear a collared shirt, paired with jeans.The fact that you downplayed the look with jeans, tones it down, and keeps it under the natural style.

Overall, this is a very “earthy” style. You can be as glamorous as you want with it, or as casual as you want. The one rule to follow is to stay light, simple, toned down in colors, relaxed, and never over done.

So, still trying to determine if you fit this style?

  • You like earth tones
  • You’re more about comfort than appearance
  • You enjoy being practical when putting an outfit together
  • You enjoy being outdoors
  • You like to do “barely there” styled makeup
  • You enjoy having a tousled look to your hair
  • Khakis, denim, and white tees are some of your top quick picks from your closet
  • Your personality overall is laid back, relaxed, but still likes to have fun….just not crazy fun 🙂

Celeb Inspiration


Denim with light tones and neutrals. Color meshed with a neutral.


Jennifer loves her casual looks, but she makes them look so comfortable yet fabulous!


Kate shows us how you can dress this style up, or dress it down.

Article Written For DressingRight

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