The Seven Elements Of The Roads To Success

By Charlene Lazewski

1. The Dream Is Free, But The Hustle Is Sold Separately

We are raised by society to dream big, and fight the fight in order to get to that desired destination. That “fight” is not easy. It’s a journey full of obstacles. But, it makes the end “prize” even sweeter. And here’s the kick, everyone has the fight in them to go through the journey of achieving their dreams/goals. The only ingredient you need is passion. Luckily, passion is in all of us. Just use it the right way, and dreams will come true consistently. When you believe and perform with passion, it generates success all around you.

2. What You Want Is What You Shall Receive, Love, The Genie In YOU

We’re all guilty of thinking we don’t deserve what we truly want, at some points in our lives. Essentially, we think too highly of our visions and goals at times. But, really, we deserve EVERYTHING we envision for ourselves. Our goals, are design points for our lives. And, you are your own designer, so make of your life/goals, whatever you desire. You are your own personal genie in a sense. Want it, need it, get it.

3. Success And Greatness Don’t Need A Permission Slip

Growing up, we needed permission slips signed by our parents in order to be granted access to functions, events, etc. Ironically, as an adult, we treat the concept of achieving success the same way at times. And that mentality, can prevent us from reaching our desired goals. The success game is simple. Envision it, Want it, Have it, Enjoy it. Done. You deserve whatever your vision may be. Nothing should ever make you doubt that. It’s your success, no one else’s. The journey to success is exempt from “permission slips”.

4. Obsessive Successful Life “Disorder”…The Best “Disease” You’ll Ever Have

Your life, and what you make of it should be so great and successful, that it causes you to obsess over it. And, we’re not talking about an unhealthy obsession. We’re talking about looking at all you have accomplished, and being extremely proud of it. We’re talking about, walking away from your work for the day, and feeling a total sense of satisfaction and happiness. And, going to bed at the end of your day, literally with a smile on your face. Sounds like one amazing life, right?! Well, that is what everyone’s life should be. That is what everyone’s life can be.

5. Success Is Like A Treadmill, Only Meant To Be Walked On Forward, Never Backwards

We all want to succeed. But, unfortunately not everyone succeeds. And, the most common reason for those people not to reach success, is because at some point in their journey, they took a step back. They questioned their vision, their goals, their strategy, and little by little, it took them back a few steps. In turn, pulling them further away from their vision and goals. To achieve success, you need to work on a one way street. Always looking and going forward, in the same direction as your dream.

6. Like Water and Oil, Success and Fear Do Not Mix

When you envision your goals, and the success that comes with them, you do so with a tunnel vision. You don’t envision the journey you will take to get there, or the feelings you will have along the way. It’s just a straight shot. And that is how you should also treat the journey itself. Success doesn’t come easy. It takes work, commitment, and dedication. And that can bring on fears and/or anxieties. But, you have to kick them aside immediately. If you invite fear in, it will grow and take over your plan. Fear does not mix with success, never will.

7. A Vision That Succeeds, Eternally Inspires You And All Those Around You

Anyone can have a vision. Anyone can work towards a goal. But, ultimately, if that vision doesn’t inspire you, and those around you, then it won’t succeed. Your vision needs to inspire, educate, and in a sense, awaken feelings in people, they’ve never felt before. That in itself, will not only be a vision that succeeds, but will also leave a lasting impression in the given industry. It will provoke a thirst and hunger in potential clients, and create a seal of quality over your business.


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