The Dream Is Free, But The Hustle Is Sold Separately

By Charlene Lazewski


We are raised by society to dream big, and fight the fight in order to get to that desired destination. That “fight” is not easy. It’s a journey full of obstacles. But, it makes the end “prize” even sweeter. And here’s the kick, everyone has the fight in them to go through the journey of achieving their dreams/goals. The only ingredient you need is passion. Luckily, passion is in all of us. Just use it the right way, and dreams will come true consistently. When you believe and perform with passion, it generates success all around you.

Right now, you carrying an idea that you consider to be big. One that is unique, and that will blow all the other fish out of the water. But, it’s not even going to blow a tadpole out of the water if you don’t hustle. By hustle, we mean you eat, live, and breathe your business idea. All day, every day. And every day that you live, you put in all your efforts into making the idea bigger, and better than the day before. Eventually converting your business idea into an empire.

Many times, when people start a business, they drive it with only one thing in mind…money/profit. And, that’s a huge mistake. If you build your business with that as your top goal, your business will basically crash and burn. You simply just cannot just jump from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ instantly. You have to also give importance, time, and dedication to all the letters in between, so to speak. Every step of building and carrying a successful business matters. So it’s critical for you to give your passion to all the steps in between.

Another popular element that will cause your business to crumble right before you is, greed. This also ties in with profit. But, it also deals with only thinking by yourself, for yourself. Sure, perhaps you came up with your business idea on your own, and started it on your own. But, maybe at some point you will need help, and will form a team. To make your business succeed, and pass on your passion to your team members, you must also put them first. It shouldn’t be about taking it all for yourself. Your team members are assisting your hustle, and giving your business life. You’re the heart of your business, but they’re the arteries that feed into the heart.
It’s fair to say that if you’re an entrepreneur, you obviously have passion within you. But, passion alone won’t drive you to the top. You must add the secret ingredients daily….motivation, drive, and hustle. Lots of hustle. “Excuses” shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary. Anyone can have a dream. But, that endless/invincible hustle, THAT is your ticket towards taking your business to the very top.


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