I’m Better Than You: The Narcissistic New Year’s Facebook Status

By Charlene Lazewski


My journey through my social media escapades consisted of a lot of eye rolls, questioning where humble personalities have gone, and acknowledging that humility is just dead overall.

My entire news feed was full of statuses where people didn’t just generally wish everyone a happy new year, full of joy and health. Instead people, made their new year’s wish status about themselves. They listed each specific great thing that happened to them in 2016. From, “we bought our first home, traveled here and there” to “I got my dream job, got the promotion I wanted”.

Okay…great, wonderful! I’m glad that in this world where such horrible things have been happening to innocent people, you are doing so fantastic. But, do you really have to plaster it on Facebook? What does that do for the people you are friends with on Facebook, really? Call me old school, but I’ve always been under assumption that the holiday season, including new year’s is about putting yourself last, and doing more for others, spreading cheer, and most of all kindness. There are people out there that are reading your self indulged statuses, while they’ve suffered a lot of hardships in the past year. So, your status is most definitely not spreading holiday cheer. It’s unnecessary, selfish, conceded, and just makes you come out as narcissistic.

And, I know what some of you are thinking, “oh, well people are just thankful for all the good that happened to them in 2016.” THAT in itself is wonderful. It’s the specific listing of all the good, that’s the problem. That’s just throwing it in people’s faces. Where is the humility in that? Some people had a year of struggles, and your status is not making it any better. Forget about yourself for a second. Stop using social media platforms as tools to prove to people that your life is better than theirs’, and instead use it to inspire people, to spread joy, kindness, and wisdom. People will appreciate a person who manifests a humble and generous personality, more than a person who is a walking, talking, posting billboard for themselves. In the end, if you have to advertise yourself and your life so much on social media, than you’re just proving to be insecure. Confidence glows more with humility and silence.

Let’s stay grounded this 2017, and help one another prosper and succeed. In the end, that’s what a good year is all about.


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