Style Me: Why Blazers Are Your Must Have Wardrobe Staple For Spring

By Charlene Lazewski

Ladies, it’s that time again! The bitter cold has left us, and now it’s still a little cold but we no longer have to leave our homes looking and feeling like the Michelin man. We can layer up in a much more pleasant and fashionable way. And, that is why blazers are a must in your closet this season. They are the cherry on top of your ice cream. They pull any outfit together. And give both, a dressy and casual look, the perfect touch of elegance. One particular trend in blazers we are loving this year, is the sleeveless blazer look. They are fun, sexy, and look amazing with any style of pants. One of our favorite ways to style this kind of blazer, is with wide leg pants. It gives off a fancy nautical-ish style, and c’mon, who doesn’t love anything nautical? There are so many ways to style blazers for spring. Just don’t confuse them with fall or winter blazers. Spring blazers should be more lightweight, slender silhouettes, and of course….they should be colorful – light and/or bold colors alike. Here are some ways you can style your blazers this Spring!






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