Why Calligraphy Is The Only Wow Factor You Need At Your Wedding…

By Charlene Lazewski


In an age where texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication, we’ve also lost the true significance and essence of communicating with one another. We are no longer people hand-writing personal notes that hold so much meaning. We are now robots with fast typing fingers, that press “send” 200 times a day.
Think about how much more special a message was, during the times where the only way you could communicate with your loved ones, was verbally or in your own writing. It has a romantic appeal, doesn’t it? That is exactly what Janet, from Bella Grafia Calligraphy , thinks too. The principle behind her company is that sometimes the vintage way of creating art, is the best.
Janet was trained by the very best calligraphers in the world. Some include calligraphers that have written for The White House, and the Vatican. She is beyond passionate for this art. Although, it’s her career, she does it every day feeling like she’s doing a hobby instead. It doesn’t feel like work to her, because calligraphy is so deeply rooted in her heart.
Now, she is featured on some of the most popular wedding blogs in the world, consistently. And, also works with very famous companies based in New York City, and Los Angeles. She also does work for famous events around the country. Although, her company is based in the Houston area, she is well-known, and respected in big cities around the country.
Los Angeles holds a special spot in Janet’s heart because it has fueled her business with so many reputable clients and events, alike. She’s identified well with the Los Angeles culture so much, that she considers herself a Los Angeles Calligrapher, the majority of the time. As a planted Los Angeles Calligrapher, she has ben able to work for Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Beringer, Excelsior Wines, Franis Ford Coppola Winery, Martell Cognac, and many more. The list just goes on. And her business just continues to grow in regards to skills, and in turn, be able to offer more services than other Los Angeles Calligraphers. Or any other calligrapher for that matter.
Janet specializes in two very classic and elegant styles of calligraphy – Spencerian and Madarasz style. She considers herself to a be a cultured woman, who loves eclectic but soulful music. She hopes to speak fluent Spanish one day. But, most of all, she enjoys thinking outside the box when it comes to her calligraphy art. You will always see her using materials that may not be the norm in calligraphy, but that’s what makes it so unique, special, and stand out from the rest. Also, this exploration of non-traditional materials and tools, allows her to spark more curiosity within herself. Hence, giving birth to new art forms for the wedding and events industry.
For some, calligraphy may be a very “one-way street”. But, that stereotype most definitely does not apply to Bella Grafia Calligraphy. This is a business that has taken the ancient, but very special and elegant art of calligraphy to a whole new level, and fast. It’s owner, Janet, has made it her duty, not chore, to master her art and skills. And, that’s what makes her calligraphy, completely timeless.


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