Peplum and Statement Necklaces are BFF’s

By Charlene Lazewski


I used to be afraid of Peplum tops. I thought maybe because I am short, I would look ridiculous in them. But recently I purchased some peplum tops, and to my surprise, they look great on someone petite like me. Obviously, they look amazing on taller people as well. What I love about peplum tops is that they can look casual or fancy in a second, simply by how you wear it. Most peplum tops have boat necklines, which make them the perfect style to wear with statement necklaces. You don’t get a more complimenting pair than this folks! And what’s fun about peplum tops is that they all seem to have a theme depending on their patterns or colors, even textures. You want to make sure when choosing a necklace for your top, that you highlight its theme. Is it lacy? Then you want to get a lacy-like patterned necklace….perhaps a vintage piece. Is it a solid and bold colored top? Then, a bold solid necklace in an opposite color is what you want. Check out the picture above to get the gist of complimenting your peplum with its BFF….statement necklaces. Happy styling!


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