How To Really Make A Statement With Your Necklace

By Charlene Lazewski

Statement necklaces are a very powerful fashion tool. They can either complete an outfit to perfection, make you stand out in a great way, or tie your entire look together. The trick is knowing how, and when to wear them. Which one goes with what kind of outfit, style, colors, etc…? Well, I have built a guide for you to follow when scratching your head in your closets. Hope this helps! Happy styling!

1. Casual Statement Necklace look


Take any statement necklace and pair it with a plain tee, jeans, shorts. This is a great look for those lazy weekends. Get dressed quick and easy, but the statement necklace makes it look like you spent time styling yourself in the morning.

2. Color Pop With Statement Necklaces


Sometimes your outfit looks nice and all, but it may feel or look too plain, and needs to be given life to it. Wearing a bold and colorful statement necklace will resolve this little problem. No only does it tie your outfit together, but adding bold colors adds that wow factor. When going for a color pop necklace, it does not have to match the colors of your clothing. Actually, I encourage the necklace not to match in color.

3. Jazz It Up Look


Dramatic or glitzy statement necklaces are great when taking a plain dress or top to the next level. Great for date nights, or nights out in general, even special events like weddings. You know those little black dresses? They are a perfect opportunity to sport your jazzy statement necklace.

4. Matchy but balancing statement necklaces


Lastly, there is the matchy look. This is more when you just want to tie your entire look together. A statement necklace matching the colors of your outfit, will act as the balancing piece for your look.


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