How To Empower Your Home Decor With Metallics

By Charlene Lazewski


Metallics are a very powerful accent theme trending in modern home decor. The best thing about metallic accent pieces, is that you can use them with many kinds of decor….traditional, shabby chic, contemporary, avant garde, country chic, etc. The options are endless. They are very versatile, and help blend your decor together. They create a sense of cohesion when placed around your home. In the end, they tie your entire look together. They also refresh your look because of their glam appeal. If you use it sparingly, you can achieve the perfect appearance and feel in your rooms.

Another plus about metallics is that with so many wonderful and cheap metallic spray paints, paints, and glazes, you can take so many of your current accents and quickly convert them to metallic. Which means you don’t have to go out and break the bank shopping for brand new accents for your entire home. Go in your basements and bring up older items, spruce them up for just a couple cents with some paint! Or you can even go to the dollar store, and buy different shaped glass vases, candle holders, plastic plates (to hand on your walls), etc….add some metallic paint….and you have brand new accents that look expensive….but only you will know the sweet and satisfying truth :) It’s that easy!

Here is some inspiration for you! Happy Decorating!






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