Hey Moms…Quit The Wine-ing And Just Smile, Love It, Cherish It


As a mom of two little boys, I know parenting is not easy. All those parenting/mommy books….toss them. Every parent is entitled to their own style of parenting. After all, we’re all different….different personalities, likes, morals, views, etc. And, so are our kids. No child is the same. But, one thing I DO think all moms should do is stop with the “wine-ing”. When I was a child, moms wouldn’t talk of “vodka in the coffee mugs” or “mommy juice” meaning wine, in order to survive the parenting challenge. Mothers embraced their duties with their kids, dealt with it, lived it, and loved it. Now, I feel that moms are having babies, and then they’re complaining about it. It’s a tough job. The toughest job you will ever have. But, most moms chose this path. So, even when times get frustrating with the little ones, you should love it, and smile. Because, one day you’ll be wishing for those “pulling your hair out” moments with your kids. They grow so ridiculously fast. Each day they learn more, and let go of you a little bit more. Each day that you’re yearning for that time alone, and a glass of wine, their becoming more independent. They’re becoming their OWN person.

Yesterday, when I walked my 4 year old son into school, along with my 1 year old son, the police officer directing the school’s parking lot traffic, said something to me that really made me proud and accomplished as a mother. As, he gave me the green light to cross the street, he said, “you always have that genuine smile on your face…it never misses a day”. And, I thought to myself, “yeah…I guess I am always smiling when I’m doing things with my boys, and around other moms/parents”. I see moms daily, basically shoving their kids into school so they can finally go to the gym, or go have their coffee/gossip sessions with other moms. I hear the cliques of moms that hangout in corners of the school parking lot, complaining that they never can’t wait to open a bottle of wine, because their kids have driven them totally crazy this week.” Me, I listen, don’t say anything, and drive myself home to work (I work full time from home), but, not before I play with my 1 year old, and cuddle with him, and kiss him, and tell him how in love I am with him. Sure, he may not completely understand me yet. But, I don’t care. I want him to only feel love and happiness from me. Not bitterness and frustration. He and his brother are my sacred blessings. There are only one of each of these boys in the world. They are mine. So, that’s why I am happy every day with them. That’s why I VERY rarely open up bottles of wine in my home. In fact, the other day I had to dust the bottles I have in my dining room. That’s how long they just sit there. I don’t need them. I too, have my challenging moments with my kids, but I always make it a point to pause, and realize that I have been given the honor to be these kids’ mother. And, instead of yelling at them, I take them, speak to them with a normal tone, and explain to them what they did wrong, how to make it right, and I finish it off with a big “I Love You”, and a kiss.

My final thoughts are, you don’t need alcohol, gossip, and cliques to de-stress. Be thankful for your kids, stop complaining, kill it with kindness. Smile more, stop rushing life and your kids so much. Kids grow fast enough. So, take a moment, re-evaluate, and enjoy. It’s an extremely beautiful life.


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