Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Don’t Knock Me Down If I’m A Doll


Since I was a pre-teen, I have loved getting dolled up in makeup. Of course, back then it was just a little bit of make up. Very natural looking makeup. Perhaps a little eyeshadow, some powder, and a pale lip gloss. As I got older, I liked to experiment with beauty products. Bolder colors, different styles, different techniques, etc. Now, here’s the problem. There are women who criticize or judge women like me. I have had other women come to my home on a weekday morning, weeks after I gave birth to my baby, and ask how and why I am wearing makeup and a cute outfit, when I JUST had a baby. Um, well because I care about myself. I love myself. And I WANT to ALWAYS look my best. I mean, in the end, I AM who represents myself at ALL times. No one else. So, why wouldn’t I want to look my absolute best. It makes me happy. It most definitely makes my husband happy. So, it’s a win win.

The way I see it, when I open my eyes up in the morning, it’s the beginning of a celebration. It’s another day I have been blessed with. Another day I get to kiss and hold my children. Another day I get to hug my husband and tell him how much I love him. Overall, another day I get to celebrate the life I have created for myself. Keyword: self. It starts with me, this little thing called life. And well, I want to get all dolled up for it all the time! I’m not saying, I’m going to look like I’m going to the Oscars every day. But, I WILL put on full makeup (usually something very natural looking, sometimes something a little bolder and daring – all depending where I am going that given day), every day. Other women have insinuated I like to wear makeup every day because I think I am ugly. The answer is absolutely NOT. I think I am beautiful without makeup. So, why not accentuate that beauty even more with some makeup every day?

Do other women who attack women like me, do it out of jealousy? Or are they frustrated because their views and my views don’t match? Whatever the case may be, women should just live their lives and rock whatever they are passionate about. If they think looking their best is wearing sweatpants every single day, putting their hair up in a ponytail, and wearing no makeup, so be it. That’s what makes them feel their best. That’s what gets them through their days, with a smile on their faces. That is how they celebrate their life. I am different, and I know that’s okay. Every woman is different, and I wish the women that were different, didn’t attack women like me.

I love makeup. I love fashion. I love looking beautiful. I love keeping my husband on his toes with a new hair do, a new outfit, etc. I love it when he looks at me like he did when we first fell in love, and it’s been 12 years together. But, more importantly, I love inspiring other women to experiment with their natural beauty. Sometimes, we women get so wrapped up in our busy lives, that we forget to really take time for ourselves. It doesn’t take long. Give yourselves 20 minutes every morning, and aim to look your best. Get dolled up. Play around with clothing you already own, create an outfit. Accentuate your natural beauty even more, with a little makeup. And finally, don’t forget the most important part of being beautiful….be humble and kind inside. Don’t attack women that aren’t like you. In the end, that is what actually makes a woman ugly.


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